11 people with their sleds on a icy downhill
Lilith is a climate activist, Nordic Nature Guide, and adventurer with an unstoppable determination to protect our fragile environment.

PC: Jeny Nyström
Lilith’s Journey
Lilith's journey has taken her to the remote corners of the Earth, from winter expeditions in the Arctic Circle to an internship on Svalbard.
A profile of Lilith
Folgefonna Glacier, Norway
Lilith in full gear
Hardangervidda, Norway
Lilith with her sled
Ryfjället, Sweden
Welcome to the world of Lilith - a passionate climate activist, Nordic Nature Guide, and intrepid adventurer on a mission to inspire positive change.
A sunset with a campsite on snowy grounds
Her Experience
Undisturbed by freezing temperatures below -30C, Lilith’s love of nature deepened through these experiences.
Her Personal Journey
Lilith’s first taste of this extreme world was at age 14 when she had the opportunity to train sled dogs in Norway, an experience that would shape her life going forward.
In her guiding education, she specialized in climbing and backcountry skiing, training to work as a guide in the mountains. From here she made the outdoors her home, and it remains the place she feels most comfortable and free.
After two years of living in Armenia, a country experiencing severe poverty and conflict, Lilith became motivated to deepen her knowledge of international relations and systems of inequality. This led to her becoming politically active within her university, developing a strong interest in local cultures and an unstoppable determination to protect the fragile beauty of our environment.
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Lilith van Amerongen